2012 First Quarter Report

Yeah, I’ve been gone for a while and a lot has happened! I’ll need another update for the pictures I have yet to add with all the food that are still sitting in a folder.

Lack of Snow in New York

This year’s winter season was abysmal. I was hoping for more snowboarding trips!

First Snow of 2012 Kind of Weird Seeing the Lake Iced Over Ice Skating at the Park Central Park Was Pretty Empty

Giants Won the Superbowl!

I’m so proud of the Texans making it so far! Since the Giants won, I decided to check out the parade. It was nuts.

Letter and Legal Paper, Not Ticker-Tape Just After the Parade You've Got to be Kidding Me Greatest Giants Fan Ever! Canyon of Heroes, aka This Part of Broadway Both Signs Need Design Help Dancing in the Middle of Broadway I Want Rollerblades Too!

Snowboarding at Hunter Mountain

OUCH, talk about being scared of ice. I had one really hard fall that convinced me I needed wrist guards. After the first night, it snowed a bit, so the second day wasn’t as horrible. Afterward, we went to So Kong Dong Restaurant for some amazing tofu.

Not Much Snow, But Lots of Fun Post Snowboarding Warm Down This Snow Made It Hurt Less Post Snowboarding Dinner

Rockets at the Nets

We came, we saw, we conquered. There were a bunch of Rockets fans at the game, too. Man, I need to brush up on our team. I barely know anyone now!

Go Rockets!

Elizabeth, Her Sister and Husband Visited

First of all, these are really good people. Thanks for visiting and everything! I really hope y’all had a good time here.

Balthazar Bar Steak with Fries! 6 Month Anniversary, OWS Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue Saint Patrick's Day North Pool and Museum 9/11 Memorial Bike Gift of Battalion Chief Brian O'Flaherty Doing Saint Patrick's Day Right! Perfect, Right In Front of Me Massive Lobster, NOM NOM NOM My Barista These Crazy Kids

Snowboarding at Snowbird and Park City, Utah

This was our first time in Utah (at least for me) and Ben has had a five year hiatus from snowboarding. Three days of fun – Snowbird, Park City night time, and another day at Snowbird. I couldn’t really thing of any food that’s specific to Utah, but there are some gems. The burger was my favorite – habaneros!

Mesa Verde, Not So Good Gorgeous Day in SLC Can't Say No to Pork Belly Yeah, with a Fried Egg on Top How to Start the Day First Blue of the Trip These Goggles are Awesome! "I'd Rather be Playing BF3..." This is How Ben Greets Birds Korean BBQ Kim Chi Tofu Soup Still Boiling On the Way to Park City Night Boarding in Park City Ring of Fire at Lucky 13 Look Ma, No HandsPeering Down the Valley