An Extended Las Vegas

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. Cliche? Yeah, but I noticed this because I checked out the last date of my last post – almost three months ago! I’m going to update these gaps based on my Flickr Photostream and whatever I can dig up from my memory for the next few days.

Huge Accomplishment at Work

After finishing a huge project for work, our company took a few of us to the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) in Las Vegas way back in April. This time, I only went to celebrate the project I completed and met up with the rest of the team for some well deserved celebration.

First Night, Celebration!

This first meal was at Ri-Ra with Kevin and Kelly. A feast of Irish comfort foods, a few beers, and some Bushmills Irish Honey. I found out that I’m a fan of whiskey, burbon, and especially scotch. A few hours later, I found myself at the celebratory team dinner was at the Public House where I enjoyed a ridiculously awesome short rib from Public House. It’s also where I got my official team hat! After a bunch of beers, chatting, and eating, I surprisingly made it back to my room by myself.

Ri-ra, For an Irish Dinner! Second Dinner: Short Rib, No Bones Honeybadger Don't Give a Fuck

Day Two, More Food

The second night was dinner with a mix of mix friends and coworkers at Public House again. This time, we ordered a bunch of things for all of us to try out. My favorite was my bone in filet and the bone marrow definitely came in a close second. For lunch, I took myself to Table 10 and ordered up way too much food, but definitely worth it. Later on that day, a few of the FyrSoft team joined at Trattoria.

Public House, Round 2 Lunch at Table 10 Swordfish Picatta at Trattoria

Unexpected Third Day

I woke up and took off to the airport. Right when they announced that my flight was boarding, my phone rang. It was my boss and he wanted me to stay an extra day in order to meet up with a client to review a a potential project for me. Any way, long story short – I got to spend an extra day in Vegas and most importantly, I made my way back to Postrio!

Oysters at Postrio Crab Cakes Reunion Crab Asparagus Soup, the Conversation Starter!