Enterprise, POTUS, and EDC

A triple whammy – three new firsts for me.

Shuttle Enterprise Piggyback Over the Hudson, April 27

NASA is something a lot of us take for granted. I’ll admit, the Johnson Space Center is a gem and I never really visited it much when I lived in Houston. Early that morning, I decided to make my way over to The High Line, but forgot to bring a jacket – it’s late April! I settled in a chair near the south side and after about thirty minutes, I found myself surrounded by other Shuttle fans and some didn’t even know what was going on. No more than five minutes before the fly over, Nathan showed up. Just like clock work, Enterprise arrived from the south and made it’s way north along the Hudson. What a sight to see! About fifteen minutes later, another fly over from the north. I’m really glad I was able to see the last Shuttle launch and the piggyback ride of a fake Space Shuttle. Too bad I missed the Shuttle’s trip on a barge over to the Intrepid. I guess I’ll make my way over there when the facility is ready next month.

"Can I get a piggyback ride?" -Enterprise NASA 747, Shuttle Enterprise, and T-38

President of the United States, May 14

I was walking back to my apartment one day and found a bunch of rails lined up along 66th Street. I also saw a sign posting for a movie that was being made, Bitterpill. I thought to myself, now what the heck is going on here? I didn’t really ponder on it much and just went to bed. Early the next morning, a working crew started setting up the rails. They blocked off not just my avenue, but as far as my eye could see. Then, a bunch of police cars started blaring their sirens, so I turned on on the NYPD Special Operations Division and Traffic scanner. I heard “POTUS,” so I jumped down to the street to see what was going on. They blocked off the entire avenue and I that was when I realized Obama was in town and actually coming down my street! As for the movie, meh…they’re always filming around New York. Nothing interesting yet.

Theatrical Rain You're Welcome, POTUS!

Electric Daisy Carnival, May 19

It was a freaking gorgeous day for this event, maybe a little hot, but totally worth it. I didn’t know what to expect, but going with a good set of friends makes it all worth it. Plus, I got to see awesome old and new DJs live! I never really imagined myself going to events like this, but the “Carnival” part really got me excited – most of all the rides were FREE! To put the cherry on top, that evening there was a fireworks show!

Seating Attendance, Zero EDC Confetti Over Cosmic Meadow What's Going on Here?

Wait, is that the Cornholio?! Gareth Emery Five-Layer Flames, Anyone?

"I feel like a freaking kid that's in line to get into Disney World!!" What's Over There? Sunset Over EDC

Hell Yes, That's ATB Night Time Carnival Fun Armin Van Buren